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Our Trust

Our school is a member of Dudley Academies Trust. This gives us many advantages that other schools may not have.

The Trust is a large and well-resourced and local organisation that is committed to excellence in education. The expertise and ready availability of the Trust's Central Team enables schools to access a comprehensive support programme for all non-teaching activities, allowing senior leaders to focus on the core business of teaching and learning. At the same time, school leaders and teaching staff are supported by the Trust's senior leadership and teaching directors.

The benefits that the school enjoys include:

  • Support with the modernisation and maintenance of our buildings.
  • Access to the IT expertise and resources of the Trust and Dudley College of Technology. Whether it's the school's networks, communications with parents or this website, the Trust is there to help.
  • HR professionals to help with recruitment and advice.
  • Assistance with preparing children in Year 6 for secondary school and explaining future career choices to the older year groups.
  • New ideas about teaching methods, discipline and motivating children to succeed.
  • A data system that gives teachers an exact picture of how each pupil is progressing.
  • Assistance with the paperwork and regulations that school leaders have to deal with.

Lastly, the Trust is transforming local schools, giving our children the choice of a range of good schools to go on to — and greatly improving their prospects in life!